Reaching To God: Great Truths From The Bible

Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, alone and afraid when the angel told her of the virgin birth? That is not what the Bible says. In the first chapter of this book, read the Christmas story as you may never have heard it before.

Do you remember Jehu? What about the prophet Balaam? Do you recall what his donkey said?

Do you remember the soldier’s famous words of faith at the crucifixion of Jesus? What about the holy man who walked barefoot with bare buttocks for three long years?

Do you know the one mistake King Solomon made which destroyed his kingdom? Completely avoidable?

What about the final words of Christ: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” Did you know those were words of great faith from the Old Testament?

R.A. Matthews brings these stories to life in her weekly faith column, inspiring countless readers to live lives closer to God.

Available for the first time in paperback, now you too can enjoy these great truths from the Bible.